Bugleline Bracelet

I really like the look of bugle beads when they lay right next to eachother. That’s how this bracelet came about. I found a slide tube clasp with the eyes positioned sideways. In some cases this can come in very handy.

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Crawler Bracelet II

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Black And Blue Tattue

Very supple flowery Bracelet free style that almost looks like a tatoo on your skin.

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Doblado Bracelet Mark II

This time another Doblado Bracelet because they are so nice to make. I’m not done with this type of bracelets yet. There are many more shapes to try out.

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Linda’s Ankle Chain Remade

My friend Linda got an ankle chain as a present from her daughter. She was very sad when it broke and asked me to repair it for her. I had to change it because the original was made with cord and I always use beads only. So this is my version of the ankle chain and thankfully she’s very happy with it.

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Doblado Bracelet

Double sided bracelets, I love them. In this way you get two bracelets in one. I try to make both sides as different as possible. The tiles I used as focal elements, have very different sides which come in really handy in this bracelet.

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The Elephant Project Necklace

When I begin a new project, I just start playing with beads and cheap fishing line. I don’t want to spoil expensive Fireline on a try-out. Doodling about one day I suddenly had the shape of an elephant’s head. Then I used half a circle of metal wire to form the lower stiff part of the necklace. The upper half is just simply strung with beads and a toggle clasp.

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