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Ribbed Bullet Pendant Mark II

The second attempt of making a pendant for my new lariat turned out much better than the first.It’s smaller and doesn’t need filling up to keep its shape. The only thing left to do is making another one exactly like … Continue reading

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Ribbed Bullet Pendant

I’ve made three lariats before and I fancied making another one. The nice thing about lariats is that they don’t need a clasp. They consist of a long beaded chain that you knot around your neck. So now I’m looking … Continue reading

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Pip Claire Pendant

Not often I get the chance to wander about in a bead shop that sells quality beads from brands like Toho and Miyuki and Czech glass beads but last month I visited a couple in Holland. I’m very grateful that … Continue reading

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Lampion- or Lantern Earrings

I used these lampions or lanterns before for the Twin Lanterns Lariat (see my post of 31-08-2014). I improved the design and made earrings this time. They can be used as pendants as well, of course.

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Double Pyramid Lariat

Two pendants, each one made of two opposing chubby triangles as used in last week’s post. They are joined with a chenille chain. The chenille technique is invented by a French beader called Sereine. This is a link to one … Continue reading

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Bubbly Necklace

Necklace in mostly herringbone and some ladderstitch. In the pendant I also used RAW (Right Angle Weave) and peyote. The diameter of the big bead in the pendant is 2,5 cm (1 inch).  

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Perla Montata Pendants

Found some lovely colored large beads with a beautiful shine that’s called ‘vitrail’, I think. I tried to combine square and round shapes. I named them Perla Montata after the Italian coffee Panna Montata which is coffee with a mountain … Continue reading

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