About SeaBeads

Profielfoto 7Welcome on my blog! I’m Karin Klebe, designer of SeaBeads beaded jewelry. In 2008 my friend and I sold everything we had, bought a boat and went sailing. As a farewell present one of my dear friends gave me 3 elastic bracelets. When I lost one and broke another, I went looking for beads to replace them. And then it all started. And now I’m addicted to beading for life!

It’s not always easy to bead on a boat and you’ll find beads in every nook and cranny. But it’s a great way to express myself artistically and relax at the same time.

The 3 elastic bracelets with which it all started.

Any questions? Ask them here.

9 Responses to About SeaBeads

  1. Bianca says:

    I thought it might be easier if I respond here. I am in Australia, we just acquired an older yacht, a pilot house cutter rig, she is currently in Queensland, so I am moving there December or early next year – tapering off my project commitments in Adelaide, where we live. The plan is to head out in the pacific first, then cast off for a few years. I have been working with beads for 13 years so have gathered a lot of things and materials and have to pack up a kiln, torch and other stuff. But that is okay. Beads are small :).

    I have been teaching for a few years so that is the vision, to keep doing that. And finally finish that book I started. Maybe. One day. Lovely to meet you too, thank you for the comment on my Clean Up blog. I am getting there!


  2. Bianca says:

    Fantastic, I am moving on a boat end of this year (2013) and was looking for beaders on boats. I am glad I found your site. Het is mogelijk! Een beetje vreemd dat de enige andere beader on board I know is Ella Des, getrouwd met een Nederlander. Ha, en dat ben ik dus ook, well I was. Once. Fantastic, Karin. I feel a lot more confidence to move my house studio (oh dear how is that going to work) to the yacht. See you on the seven seas one day??


  3. Oof says:

    He Grobbe,

    Prachtig hoor!!
    En ook steeds hele mooie achtergronden gekozen voor elk object….heel profi!!!
    Kus, Oof


  4. michelle gonlag says:

    hey karin
    wat een mooie website heb je gemaakt.
    liefs michelle


    • sylovelyrita says:

      Lieve Michelle, leuk hè? Ik geniet er ook echt van. En hij was heel snel gemaakt. Toch kennelijk veel ervaring opgedaan met de vorige blog. Dank voor je reactie, erg leuk.
      Groeten aan de family!


  5. Sarah says:

    Love your website!


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