Chubby Triangle Earrings

When I made last week’s Five Star Bracelet, I got the idea to make triangles. I beaded only three points of the star instead of six to get a triangle. By connecting four triangles, these chubby earrings came to life. There’s a big bead inside them to keep their shape.P1180587crop2

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Five Star Bracelet

Five Star Bracelet Combi

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Rough Ruffles Bracelet

Rough Ruffles letters 1This bracelet is basically the same pattern as the Jocelyn Bracelet I posted on May the 24th of this year. It’s a peyote stitch and RAW base and the ruffles are made with farfalle beads.Rough Ruffles  2P1170845

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Squarest Bracelet

This week I wanted to bead something simple. I thought I would make a R(ight) A(ngle) W(eave) bracelet that would be finished in a day.

RAW is a simple technique and if you use a nylon fishing line the square shapes really work. But I don’t like the general feel of a bracelet when it’s made with nylon thread. It tends to feel stiff.

That’s why I prefer a softer beading thread like f.i. Fireline. The ‘Bead Feel’ is superb, almost like fabric.

It took me 3 days to design and finish this bracelet. The bits of RAW that haven’t got embellishment needed to be sewn through at least 3 times to keep their square shape. Oh well, learning all the time!

P1180428 klein

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Jocelyn Earrings

Earrings to match the Jocelyn bracelet I posted 2 weeks ago. The pink glass farfalle (which means ‘butterfly’ in Italian) beads work their magic.

P1180577 (2)

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Mauve Victoria Bracelet

Mauve Victoria letters SeaBeads

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Jocelyn Bracelet

Bracelet in peyote and RAW (Right Angle Weave) with seed beads and farfalles.Jocelyn 2Living on a boat means you have different neighbors all the time. Whether you are at anchor or in a marina. A couple of weeks ago there was a family with a 10-year old girl on board the boat next to us. She sorted out my jewelry box and we had a great time together. I named this bracelet after her and she posed for me wearing it.Jocelyn 1 P1170760

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