Arches Bracelet II

Sometimes I like to bead something not too complicated for a change and fall back on my first love: St. Petersburg stitch. So here another bracelet with four rows of it.Arches Bracelet II Letters1 SeaBeads

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Perla Montata Bracelet

Inspired by last week’s pendants, this week the bracelet with the same name which consists of 5 pendants strung together.

Perla Montata Bracelet SeaBeads

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Perla Montata Pendants

Found some lovely colored large beads with a beautiful shine that’s called ‘vitrail’, I think. I tried to combine square and round shapes. I named them Perla Montata after the Italian coffee Panna Montata which is coffee with a mountain of whipped cream. The pendants have a mountain shape as well.

Perla Montata Pendant I letters

Perla Montata Pendant II

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Louloudji Bracelet

Louloudji SeaBeadsBracelet in ladder stitch. What I love about it is the contrast between the open square shapes and the round pearls that sit in the middle of them.

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Guadiana Set

Some time ago I posted my Guadiana Bead (see post Guadiana Bead 2013-11-10). This week I felt like making another one of these and a matching ring and bracelet.

Guadiana Set Bead and Ring

The bead needs a black leather cord although I prefer a wiry contraption that keeps a round shape. Matter of taste.

Guadiana Set Bracelet - kopie

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Zigzag Bracelet

When I started beading, I used the internet to learn all the different stitches. One of the tutorials I found was this zigzag stitch by J. Cobear (2002). It is a netting stitch and such a clever design. I love it!

Zigzag Combi

And so did a friend of mine. I gave her the bracelet and she wears it day and night. She never takes it off even if she goes swimming in the sea. It lasted for four years and then it gave up a couple of weeks ago.

She really missed it so I made her a new one. Nice to see that my beading skills improved over the years. Then it took me a whole day to make it and now I did it in 1,5 hours.

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Half Moon Circle

This netted necklace was inspired by a bracelet I found in a container with discounted jewelry. The bracelet consisted of about 30 mother of pearl half round disks. Each disk has two holes and they were strung together with elastic. I thought they might look nice when they hung of an Egyptian type collar. And they do.

Half Moon Circle SeaBeads

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