Gentle Julia Necklace

Gentle Julia Necklace SeaBeads P1200279The first row of this necklace is the same as the one from the Julia necklace I posted on the 21st of December 2015. I then added a couple of rows. The end result is a quite delicate and supple collar necklace.

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Ceramic Bracelet

Ceramic Bracelet SeaBeads P1190979I found some beautiful ceramic beads on one of my beadhunts. They’re all different. In this design I wanted to see as much as possible of these beads.

Ceramic Bracelet Detail SeaBeads P1190948

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Double Beaded Buds Bracelet

Double Beaded Buds Bracelet SeaBeads letters P1190917I made this bracelet before with one line of buds. This week the double version. At the end of the lengthening chain I made a beaded bud bead as a dangly decoration.

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Off The Rocks

Off The Rocks 26-4-2012 P1060146I know, this has got nothing to do with beads. But I do like manipulating photos as well. Particularly if it has to do with rocks. This one turned out really well, at least, I like it a lot.

Maybe it’s nice to show you the original picture of the rock so you can see what I’ve done with it.Original small P1060146 -

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Ice Cubes Bracelet

Slender bracelet (width 1 cm) with glass cubes and very rare copper colored beads. They were in an old necklace I took apart and I’ve never seen them before. They are not bugle beads, they’re shaped differently. Both ends are round. The advantage is that they are not sharp like bugle beads. They give the bracelet an antique look.Ice Cube Bracelet P1190914 - SeaBeads

For the first time I used wire protectors to attach the clasp and I think they are fantastic. I’m working hard to make my jewelry last as long as possible.

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Kazumi Bracelet

For this bracelet I chose a Japanese name, Kazumi, which means beauty.Kazumi Bracelet P1190777At both ends of the bracelet I used the same colors and beads that are in the four round elements so that it, when it’s closed, forms the fifth element.

Kazumi Clasp SeaBeads P1190795

Kazumi scheeps P1190762

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Bracelet “Shards”

Shards Bracelet P1190845 lettersBracelet in CRAW (Cubic Right Angle Weave) with chips of glass in the middle. I had the idea for this bracelet for a long time and finally realized it this week. It was more difficult to make than I thought because of the irregularity of the shards but I’m quite pleased with the end result.Shards Detail Klein P1190853

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