The X-Bracelet III

For now, the last in the series jewelry with cross-stitch embellishments. It has a lot of open space. It was a joy to make this one. The main color is frosted bronze. This color was much less ‘bronzy’ than I expected it to be but the quality of the beads is very good so I used them anyway. I tried to enhance the ‘bronziness’ with the antique bronze highlights.


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Raspberry Rose Earrings


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The X-Bracelet II

The X-Bracelet II SeaBeads Blog P1210175Still in cross stitch mode I made another bracelet. I really like the 3D effect it produces. If you’re wondering what the copper item is that I used to drape it on: it’s our fog horn.The X-Bracelet II Detail SeaBeads Blog P1210201

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The X-Bracelet

The X-Bracelet SeaBeads Blog P1210119Bracelet in right angle weave with cross stitch embellishments in size 15/0. I used different colors for the embellishment on the front and the back so the bracelet can be worn both sides.The X-Bracelet SeaBeads Combi

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Mayflowers Bracelet

Mayflowers Bracelet SeaBeads Blog P1200551I had these Lucite leaves in my bead stash for a long time. They were another present of my sailing colleague Sharon, the boat wench. It took some time to find out how to keep them in position. They sit on a narrow band of peyote stitch. I used wire protectors to attach the clasp.Mayflowers Bracelet SeaBeads Blog

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Deep Blue Rondelles Bracelet

Deep Blue Rondelles Bracelet SeaBeads Blog P1200711

Tried every possibility on my camera to capture the deep blue color of the rondelles but I didn’t succeed. I can’t get the color as dark as it really is. I don’t know what it is with the color blue.

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The Bell Rope

After a long period of maintenance on the hard, our boat Rita’s finally back in the water, yippee! We’re floating again. I haven’t had much time to bead but dealt a lot with ropes instead. We needed new sheets for our genua, a new sea bucket, new landlines etc. and all the ropes involved needed to be whipped, tied, spliced and organized in a proper way. Even our bell rope needed replacing.

Old Bell Rope Blog P1200678

The old one lasted for 10 years (thanks again Nan, your presents always seem to inspire me). Our boat’s an old one and has a bronze bell they used in the old days to announce the hours of the day. That kind of bell needs a proper bell rope. I couldn’t find any beginner tutorials on how to make one so I spent a couple of days tying knots and came to this result.

Bell Rope 2016 SeaBeads P1200657

I much prefer the old one but for a first attempt it’s not so bad. Does anyone know where I can find descriptions on how to make bell ropes?

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