Ottobolitas Earrings Free PDF Tutorial

Yeah, I finished another tutorial. It’s always an awful lot of work and I’m so happy when I manage to write one. I really hope someone will enjoy this. You can get it by clicking on the image on the top right of this page or on the Free PDF Tutorial page beneath the header of this blog.

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Ribbed Bullet Lariat

Finally, my lariat is finished. I made a herringbone cord to hang the bullets from. At first I was afraid that it wouldn’t be supple enough but luckily that’s not the case.


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Inbetweenies II Bracelet


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Inbetweenies Bracelet

First I’d like to wish all visitors on this blog a Merry Christmas and a happy 2017!

The green oblong beads in this bracelet are made of shells and used to be strung together with elastic cord. Each shell bead has two holes. I spaced them up with peyote stitch squares and finished it with a lovely fold over clasp.


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Beaded Christmas Ornament Cover 2016

It wasn’t easy but I managed to finish my annual Christmas ornament cover in time.


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Ribbed Bullet Pendant Mark II

The second attempt of making a pendant for my new lariat turned out much better than the first.ribbed-bullet-pendant-mark-ii-seabeads-letters-p1210699It’s smaller and doesn’t need filling up to keep its shape. The only thing left to do is making another one exactly like it and a long beaded chain to hang them from.

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Ribbed Bullet Pendant

ribbed-bullet-pendant-seabeads-p120290I’ve made three lariats before and I fancied making another one. The nice thing about lariats is that they don’t need a clasp. They consist of a long beaded chain that you knot around your neck. So now I’m looking for a new kind of pendant to hang on both ends of the chain. I already made one with lanterns, one with triangles and one with cones. This is the first attempt at a new shape but I’m not pleased with it yet because it’s too big and needed stuffing to keep it in shape.ribbed-bullet-pendant-seabeads-sideways-p1210335

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