Deep Blue Rondelles Bracelet

Deep Blue Rondelles Bracelet SeaBeads Blog P1200711

Tried every possibility on my camera to capture the deep blue color of the rondelles but I didn’t succeed. I can’t get the color as dark as it really is. I don’t know what it is with the color blue.

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The Bell Rope

After a long period of maintenance on the hard, our boat Rita’s finally back in the water, yippee! We’re floating again. I haven’t had much time to bead but dealt a lot with ropes instead. We needed new sheets for our genua, a new sea bucket, new landlines etc. and all the ropes involved needed to be whipped, tied, spliced and organized in a proper way. Even our bell rope needed replacing.

Old Bell Rope Blog P1200678

The old one lasted for 10 years (thanks again Nan, your presents always seem to inspire me). Our boat’s an old one and has a bronze bell they used in the old days to announce the hours of the day. That kind of bell needs a proper bell rope. I couldn’t find any beginner tutorials on how to make one so I spent a couple of days tying knots and came to this result.

Bell Rope 2016 SeaBeads P1200657

I much prefer the old one but for a first attempt it’s not so bad. Does anyone know where I can find descriptions on how to make bell ropes?

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Crawler Bracelet

Bracelet in CRAW stitch. Initially I wanted a uninterrupted band of CRAW but it was too stiff, so I had to make a more flexible connection between the segments. One side is a bit different from the other side. In one I used more light gold and less black around the crystal, so it’s a bit more sparkly, like this:Crawler Bracelet SeaBeads Blog P12004010

And the other side is darker with only black and metallic Iris Brown. This is the side I prefer myself but that’s a matter of taste. I made the connection between the segments on the sides so it can bend both ways. And seen from the side it looks continuous.Crawler Bracelet SeaBeads Blog P1200405

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Silver Victoria India Style Bracelet

This is the fourth Victoria bracelet I made, this time with bigger crystals in the middle. I’d like to make a PDF tutorial for this design but it’s not completely developed yet. I’m still perfecting it.

Silver Victoria India Style Bracelet SeaBeads P1200633

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Balalilac Necklace

Ballalilac Necklace SeaBeads P1200500It all started with the middle large pendant. Because I’m still really busy with the work on our boat, I wanted to buy a simple cork cord to hang it on but couldn’t get it in black. So I decided to bead a cord using herringbone stitch in size 15/0 because it had to be thin. I then added the two smaller elements to make the necklace a bit more substantial. So it ended up being a mega project after all.Ballalilac Necklace SeaBeads P1200479

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Voltas Bracelet 2

Voltas Bracelet 2 SeaBeads Kralen.comBecause we’re working hard to get our boat Rita ready for the next season, I didn’t have time to design a new piece of jewelry. That’s why this week I dug up one I made before (see post 20-04-2015).

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Gentle Julia Necklace

Gentle Julia Necklace SeaBeads P1200279The first row of this necklace is the same as the one from the Julia necklace I posted on the 21st of December 2015. I then added a couple of rows. The end result is a quite delicate and supple collar necklace.

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