Bubbly Necklace

Bubbly 1 Letters Decol P1170686Necklace in mostly herringbone and some ladderstitch. In the pendant I also used RAW (Right Angle Weave) and peyote. The diameter of the big bead in the pendant is 2,5 cm (1 inch).Bubbly Pendant letters P1170639crop - klein

Bubbly Detail Clasp letters klein REPA P1170739


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Fleurs Fines En Cadre

This is the same bracelet as last week but I added a beaded frame. This was the original idea but I liked the bracelet without the frame as well. As I later regretted not having done the frame, I made the bracelet again.

Fleurs Fines En Cadre Combi

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Fleurs Fines

Last week’s earrings taken a bit further. In this bracelet I used semiprecious beads for the first time. I think they are jade but I’m not entirely sure.

Fleurs Fine Bracelet

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Clarabelle Earrings

Small earrings with a diameter of 2 cm (0,78 inch). The combination of the clear pink pearls with the black seed bead outlines turned out very well in my opinion. It’s the first time I used the so called O-beads. They are like small disks with a big hole. Enjoyed making these very much.Clarabella Earrings SeaBeads

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Arches Bracelet II

Sometimes I like to bead something not too complicated for a change and fall back on my first love: St. Petersburg stitch. So here another bracelet with four rows of it.Arches Bracelet II Letters1 SeaBeads

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Perla Montata Bracelet

Inspired by last week’s pendants, this week the bracelet with the same name which consists of 5 pendants strung together.

Perla Montata Bracelet SeaBeads

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Perla Montata Pendants

Found some lovely colored large beads with a beautiful shine that’s called ‘vitrail’, I think. I tried to combine square and round shapes. I named them Perla Montata after the Italian coffee Panna Montata which is coffee with a mountain of whipped cream. The pendants have a mountain shape as well.

Perla Montata Pendant I letters

Perla Montata Pendant II

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