Bracelet “Shards”

Shards Bracelet P1190845 lettersBracelet in CRAW (Cubic Right Angle Weave) with chips of glass in the middle. I had the idea for this bracelet for a long time and finally realized it this week. It was more difficult to make than I thought because of the irregularity of the shards but I’m quite pleased with the end result.Shards Detail Klein P1190853

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Fancy Zipper Bracelet

Fancy Zipper SeaBeads  P1190727It’s the first time I used super duo beads. I got them as a present and had to try them, of course.

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Pip Claire Pendant

Not often I get the chance to wander about in a bead shop that sells quality beads from brands like Toho and Miyuki and Czech glass beads but last month I visited a couple in Holland. I’m very grateful that I can order beads online these days but I can make a much better choice when I can actually see the beads. My eyes fell on the wonderful Pip beads that I used in this pendant which I would never have bought if I hadn’t seen them first.Pip Claire Pendant P1190699lettersI also purchased a couple of Luna Soft cabochons (a cabochon or cab can be used as the centerpiece of a work), one of which I used in the pendant. I had already spotted them on the internet and immediately loved them without seeing them for real. Like Miracle beads they have a fantastic mysterious shine to them. Want more of those, want, want!

As I don’t like the V-shape of necklaces with a pendant, I was looking for a chain that was sturdy enough to carry the pendant but keep a round form at the same time. Then in Portugal I saw the cord that you can see in the picture. It’s made out of cork. There are about 2,200,200 hectares of cork forest worldwide of which 34% is in Portugal. No wonder the Portuguese use it a lot. For instance for making shoes, hats, clothes, bags and belts. It’s an environmentally friendly and versatile product, very strong and lovely to feel and look at.

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Julia Necklace

Julia NecklaceThis is one of the first necklaces I ever made and it was part of a set I made for Christmas.

Christmas Set 2011 P1050830My niece Julia loves it so much that I gave it to her last month. It had a bead and loop clasp which was way too tight so I made the necklace again with a magnetic clasp.

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Beaded Buds Bracelet

Beaded Buds BraceletFantasy bracelet with flower bud shapes. The farfalle beads work really well here.

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Christmas Ornament 2015 For People With Little Space

Christmas Ornament 2015 P1190354 - letters

One of my lanterns in Christmas mode with tiny holly leaves.

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Beaded Christmas Ornament Covers 2015

The basis of these ornament covers is done in St. Petersburg stitch. It’s quite a bit of work but I wanted a change from the netting stitch in which most ornament covers are done.Christmas Ornament Cover 2015 1 letters P1190396

Christmas Ornament Cover 2015 2 letters P1190357

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