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This combination of herringbone and square stitch worked out quite well. It has become an elegant bracelet of 1,5 cm (0,6 inches) wide. I named it after my newborn niece. She was born on the 12th of August. Très Jolie!

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Blue Lanterns Bracelet

Oh, how I loved this bracelet. It was my new favorite and contained lovely swarovski crystals and a box of charlotte beads that a friend gave me a few weeks ago. And some unusually shaped tubular beads. Unfortunately I left it … Continue reading

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Double Yummy!

Normally I like to make a bracelet with one single thread. Adding thread is always possible but the less knots, the better it is. With this bracelet that was impossible. I started off with making the round components and stitched … Continue reading

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Dutch Spiral Bangle

 There are many kinds of spiral cords and they are all very appealing. One of them I had never made before was a Dutch spiral. And as I am Dutch, I thought the least I could do was to make one of … Continue reading

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Holeness Necklace

This necklace took ages to finish. First I needed 5 attempts at beading around the turquoise rectangle with the hole. I used square stitch to do that. When the pendant was finally finished I couldn’t think of a matching chain. … Continue reading

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