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Ogalala Obsession

Ogalala stitch is amazing. It’s a very timeconsuming stitch that uses loads of beads. It can be left wild but you can also ‘tame’ it by sewing it in a special way after all the beads are strung. That’s what … Continue reading

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Beaded Christmas Ornament 2012 for people with little space

As a tradition I give a bauble with cover to a friend of mine on her birthday which is close to christmas. Because baubles are far too big for the garlands on our boat, I made us a small decoration.

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Beaded Christmas Ornament Covers 2012

The red bauble I decorated last year and the gold one is new. Ornament covers are lovely but not very easy to do because of the round shape. Netting is a good means to accomplish that. Next year I’m going … Continue reading

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Bracelet Slick Grace

Flat Spiral is a lovely stitch that has a very elegant effect. I made this one with tiny bead and crystals. It’s only 0,4 inch wide. Nice bling!

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Set Nefret

A bit of a strange name. Nefret means ‘beautiful’ in Egyptian and as this is an Egyptian collarlike type of necklace I thought an Egyptian name was appropriate. This is my first complete set with a bracelet and earrings. The … Continue reading

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