Millecolori Lighter Cover

Millecolori Lighter Decoration SeaBeads

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Fire Helix Bangle

Just felt like making another African Helix bracelet because I do not want to forget this beautiful ancient technique. And what a wonderful stitch it is!

Fire Helix Bangle SeaBeads

Fire Helix Bangle Culatra

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Shapely Gloria

Bracelet with a combination of RAW (Right Angle Weave) and herringbone stitch. I had a small sample bag of orange aluminum beads. Those I used in this bracelet. Unfortunately I was ONE bead short. So I had to put another bead in. You don’t see it at first sight but it is there.

Oh well, in Persian rugs they used to make a mistake deliberately because nothing can be perfect, only God. So I will pretend I did put a wrong bead in on purpose.

Shapely Gloria SeaBeads


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Coral Necklace II

A few years ago I made a similar necklace, in coralling technique. But because they always turn out differently, I thought I could post another one.

Coral Necklace II SeaBeads

The shells I found on the beach and as I always look for shells with holes in them already, I did not have to drill them. I would like to add that the beads are not real coral to avoid any misunderstanding.


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Aura Redonda

I do not like sewing loose components together, so this bracelet is in one piece, so to speak, made with one thread. Which means that when you get to the second component, you have to start from the outside and work your way in to the centre bead. Quite a challenge and great when it actually works.

Aura Redonda SeaBeadsP1150865 verbetort klein

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Biconic Tube

Experiment to form a tube with bicones.

Biconic Tube SeaBeads

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Tiffany Redheart

This week another Tiffany bracelet because it is so nice to make. It really differs from one project or the other. I remember making a Cellini Spiral and did not like the work at all although the end result was stunning.

Tiffany Redheart SeaBeads

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