Aura Redonda

I do not like sewing loose components together, so this bracelet is in one piece, so to speak, made with one thread. Which means that when you get to the second component, you have to start from the outside and work your way in to the centre bead. Quite a challenge and great when it actually works.

Aura Redonda SeaBeadsP1150865 verbetort klein

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Biconic Tube

Experiment to form a tube with bicones.

Biconic Tube SeaBeads

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Tiffany Redheart

This week another Tiffany bracelet because it is so nice to make. It really differs from one project or the other. I remember making a Cellini Spiral and did not like the work at all although the end result was stunning.

Tiffany Redheart SeaBeads

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Twin Lanterns Lariat

Twin Lanterns Lariat SeaBeads

Necklace with a tubular chain. The Lantern or Lampion Pendant I have posted before separately (see my post ‘Lampion’ from 2014-05-11). This week I connected two of these lanterns to a chenille stitch chain. I read somewhere in cyberspace that this stitch is not so old. Apparently someone called Sereine developed it. I am going to look her (or him) up and come back to you when I have found out more. What a lovely stitch! 

You can use any old knot to keep this necklace secured around your neck.

Twin Lanterns Lariat Knot

Twin Lanterns Lariat SeaBeads seaview


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Pearl Tiffany

More bicones! I just love them. This time combined with pearls. Very tiny ones, that you can only pass through once with the thinnest Fireline, and bigger ones in the round elements in between the diamonds. Just a variation of the Tiffany Blueheart bracelet I posted a couple of weeks ago.

Pearl Tiffany met letters



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Starry Night Necklace

This necklace was inspired by these beautiful shiny Czech glass star shaped beads. As I wanted the stars to lay flat to have their best side looking up, I beaded a little construction where each one sits on.

Starry Night SeaBeads

And it gets a bit boring but I used my Double Fibula Wire Clasp again as a closure. I really love this clasp because it combines so well with lots of different styles of jewelry.

Starry Night detail

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Tiffany Blueheart

An experiment with bicones, one of my favorite beads. I like the way they sit next to each other and form shapes. As a clasp I again used my Double Fibula Wire clasp but I flattened the steel. I read somewhere that steel increases in strength when you hammer it.

Tiffany Blueheart SeaBeads draagfoto

Tiffany Blueheart SeaBeads

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