Squarest Bracelet

This week I wanted to bead something simple. I thought I would make a R(ight) A(ngle) W(eave) bracelet that would be finished in a day.

RAW is a simple technique and if you use a nylon fishing line the square shapes really work. But I don’t like the general feel of a bracelet when it’s made with nylon thread. It tends to feel stiff.

That’s why I prefer a softer beading thread like f.i. Fireline. The ‘Bead Feel’ is superb, almost like fabric.

It took me 3 days to design and finish this bracelet. The bits of RAW that haven’t got embellishment needed to be sewn through at least 3 times to keep their square shape. Oh well, learning all the time!

P1180428 klein

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7 Responses to Squarest Bracelet

  1. Nooit gedacht dat RAW zo mooi kon zijn. 🙂


    • sylovelyrita says:

      Dank Carina, voor je commentaren. Als ik het even niet meer weet, gebruik ik RAW altijd en met succes. Het is een veelzijdige techniek en je kan er veel kanten mee op. Groeten van Karin.


  2. Annelies says:



  3. Annelies says:

    Beatyfull I mean.😊


  4. Annelies says:

    Beatyful again!!!💙💎💎


  5. Naan says:



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