Twin Lanterns Lariat

Twin Lanterns Lariat SeaBeads

Necklace with a tubular chain. The Lantern or Lampion Pendant I have posted before separately (see my post ‘Lampion’ from 2014-05-11). This week I connected two of these lanterns to a chenille stitch chain. I read somewhere in cyberspace that this stitch is not so old. Apparently someone called Sereine developed it. I am going to look her (or him) up and come back to you when I have found out more. What a lovely stitch! 

You can use any old knot to keep this necklace secured around your neck.

Twin Lanterns Lariat Knot

Twin Lanterns Lariat SeaBeads seaview

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  1. kittencrafts says:

    So pretty! Great job!


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