Teal Victoria

Usually I like strong colors in my beadwork but this time I thought it would be nice to try a bracelet in one colorscheme. My dear friends bought me a whole lot of nice seed beads for my birthday so I have the same colors in different sizes in stock. Luxury!

I made this bracelet with size 11 and 15 seed beads, crystals and tiny pearls. It is 18 mm (0,7 inch) wide so quite delicate.


And I used my own Double Fibula Wire clasp to finish it off.

Teal Victoria

Beading in an environment like you can see in the picture below is most delightful. We are 20 NM up the river Guadiana which forms the south border between Portugal and Spain.

Teal Victoria background


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7 Responses to Teal Victoria

  1. violetmoonnl says:

    Hoi, heb dan toch eindelijk een voorbeeld van je sluiting gevonden, prachtig zoals je die gemaakt hebt en ook nog eens super handig en veelvuldig inzetbaar.

    Ik vind je armbandje ook erg kunstig trouwens. 🙂


  2. barbara says:

    Vind hem prachtig!!


  3. sylovelyrita says:

    Thanx very much for your comments. Quite like it myself.


  4. Naan. says:

    vèry beautyfulllll..!


  5. kittencrafts says:

    Wow! It’s beautiful!


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