As I am living on a boat, I am very close to nature. Water, wind, tides and last but not least, night skies. Especially in this time of year, the night skies are quite spectacular. It is not strange that they influence my jewelry.

I found some very shiny golden beads. When I opened the box it appeared to be so called ‘nugget’ beads which I had not anticipated. Their lovely glimmer is only imminent when you look at them sideways, so that is how I used them in this bracelet. In this way they look like bright stars in a moonless night.

Stargazer SeaBeads

Stargazer SeaBeads detail

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4 Responses to Stargazer

  1. kittencrafts says:

    Pretty! We’ll done!


  2. Naan. says:

    …ik zie een ster….


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