My First Little Chain Maille Bracelet

And now, for something completely different……….. a chain maille (also spelled ‘mail’) bracelet! Chain maille is again (like most beading techniques) an ancient procedure that was supposedly invented by the Celts.

I was introduced to this technique by Zina, a Dutch beader and very crafty girl who has her own Youtube channel ( to teach others how to bead. One of her tutorials was about some earrings which contained a little bit of chain maille. I tried it and was so intrigued that I went looking for more on the internet. This particular variety is called Byzantine chain maille. And here is my first attempt at it.

I combined the chain with two focal beads and the wire clasp I designed a couple of weeks ago.

My First Little Chain Maille Bracelet SeaBeads

My First Little Chain Maille Bracelet Detail SeaBeads

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