Astrovaganza Necklace

Wire was the last thing I expected to be interested in because of my nickel allergy. Despite that I am deeply into it at the moment. I used to be a piano tuner/restorer in the past and seriously dealt with wire when I had to restring a piano. The ability to make ‘eyes’ into thick wire now comes in very handy. I am enjoying my wire phase very much because I can make and design my own clasps. And as long as there is no nickel involved to produce the wire there is no allergy problem.P1130831 PSP - kopieThis is the first necklace I made with not only a wire clasp but a wire chain as well. As focals I used three of my Guadiana Beads. A free PDF tutorial on how to make these is available on this site (see my post ‘Guadiana Bead’ of November the 10th 2013).Astrovaganza kralen-comI also wrote a free tutorial on how to make this delicate clasp. Contact me on the ‘About SeaBeads’ page if you are interested in either one of the tutorials.Double Fibula Wire Clasp suitable for a delicate chain

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