Rollin’ Stones Bracelet

Bracelet in ladder stitch. I fought with this one for a week. It looks so simple but I kept on making mistakes and had to pull out bits of it lots of times.

I found an elastic bracelet with stone disks on the beach. These stone beads were difficult to incorporate in my bracelet because of their irregular shapes. But I never give up so I finished it in the end.

Rollin' Stones bracelet

The clasp of this bracelet is magnificent. I found a picture of it on the internet. The first record of this type of clasp is from about 1000 BC. Isn’t that something! Lorena Babcock Moore wrote a tutorial on how to make this ancient clasp. Here’s the link:

Rollin' Stones clasp

Lorena is a self-taught artist and metal smith. She was educated as a Geologist and Botanist. Her visual art is inspired by traditional scientific illustration. Thanks very much, Lorena, for teaching me!

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