Shackila Bracelet

In this bracelet I wanted to create a sort of shackle effect with beads. It ended up being quite a delicate piece of jewelry and therefore needed a subtle clasp. As I did not have one of those in store, I decided to have a go at making one myself with wire.

Shackila Bracelet clasp

Shackila SeaBeads detail

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3 Responses to Shackila Bracelet

  1. Caroline Me Julie Taylor says:

    This beautiful bracelet is now in my safe hands and I shall cherish it forever, just like I will cherish our beautiful friendship. Thank you me darlin’ XX
    The work(wo)manship is devine and the clasp is a work of art in itself – I just love it!


  2. Naan says:

    moi voor Maxima….hil koninkluk.


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