Blue Lanterns Bracelet

Blue Lanterns Bracelet

Oh, how I loved this bracelet. It was my new favorite and contained lovely swarovski crystals and a box of charlotte beads that a friend gave me a few weeks ago. And some unusually shaped tubular beads.

Unfortunately I left it in a public toilet after washing my hands. I went back for it, of course, but to no avail. I know one shouldn’t cry about losing material objects but I was truly sad about this one for a while.

The first attempt at designing this bracelet failed and I thought it would be nice to show you that the process is not always succesful immediately……………………….

Blue Lantern design failure

I was going to make matching earrings but I did not have enough of the tubular beads and the crystals so I took them apart again to finish the bracelet. This is what they were going to look like.

Blue Lanterns unfinished earring

Hopefully one day soon I will find the right beads to make this project again.

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3 Responses to Blue Lanterns Bracelet

  1. Naan says:

    Hil moi!


  2. Sarah says:

    My heart felt sympathies for your loss ….. the embodiment of your time & artistry. Thankfully, you took pictures of your bracelet. Hope you get the chance to recreate this piece. Take care, Sarah.


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