Holeness Necklace

This necklace took ages to finish. First I needed 5 attempts at beading around the turquoise rectangle with the hole. I used square stitch to do that. When the pendant was finally finished I couldn’t think of a matching chain.

I even photoshopped it to see what it might look like. I normally never do that. The wheelie bits eventually ended up in the Royal Medallions necklace I posted on the 7th of May.

Cloudy Window

Then one of my underwire bras had had it and I used one of the wires (half a circle) and herringboned (is this an existing verb?) around it. Finished it off with a triangular cord I invented myself and a beaded toggle clasp. I really like the way the cord grabs the toggle like a tentacle of an octopus.

Holeness Necklace

Holeness Clasp

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  1. Sarah says:

    Very creative — thinking outside of the box. Does look like a octopus’ tentacle — strong grip.


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