Carol’s Necklace

Surely, it happens to all beaders sometimes that a friendly neighbour gives them a bag full of discarded jewelry and to receive that is like laying one’s hands on a precious treasure.

This time it came from an ex-beader. She had her old stash of beads hidden in the attic for 40 years! Not only it contained all kinds of good quality seed beads but also 3 boxes of charlottes. Charlotte cut seed beads have one cut facet that makes them sparkle. Apparently they are quite hard to find these days. So I was over the moon when I saw them.

Charlottes beads SeaBeads Charlottes 2 letters

I was so grateful that I offered to make her a necklace. And as she adores herringbone cord this is the result.

Carol Necklace letters

All the beads used in this one were in her own stash apart from the turquoise ones and I named it after her, of course. I didn’t use the charlottes. Couldn’t part with them yet. This necklace looks much nicer when it is actually worn.

Carol's Necklace

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2 Responses to Carol’s Necklace

  1. says:


    mEI KOMPJOETOR IS STUK N DAAROM kenk ni normaal meele. Kwil ju dit wel ff meedele dus bai deze!! zu zijn prgtug!!!!!!!!!! dank ju 1000 maal!!

    K kom nog bei ju trug alsk ju aderes ken vindu… 😦

    XXXLL!! Nan.


  2. Sarah says:

    Enjoy your treasure. Very thoughtful gesture.


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