Royal Medallions

Glass beads are fantastic. I prefer beading with glass over all other materials. But there’s one exception: miracle beads. They are acryllic beads. The core is finished in a mirrored silver plate which is then coated in multiple layers of lacquer. Light passes through the multiple layers of lacquer and is then reflected back through the lacquer due to the mirror-like properties of the plating. The reflected light radiates a glowing illusion of depth.

I used them in this necklace. You can clearly see which ones they are. They reflect light in different ways so the necklace never looks the same.

Royal Medallions SeaBeads, Kralen-com

Royal Medallions black SeaBeads

Royal Medallions Chain

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3 Responses to Royal Medallions

  1. Wow I don’t feel good enough yet to make my own designs….first try to get more several stitches done! Just wish I could sit next to you and learn somethings…:)


  2. Wow it’s a beauty, i just love the colors and the miracle beads. Great pattern too, yours??


    • sylovelyrita says:

      Thanks Ingeborg, glad you like it! Yeah, it’s my own pattern. All my jewelry is except for African Dream which is based on a Varvara design.

      Greetings from Karin.


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