As I am living on a boat, I am very close to nature. Water, wind, tides and last but not least, night skies. Especially in this time of year, the night skies are quite spectacular. It is not strange that they influence my jewelry.

I found some very shiny golden beads. When I opened the box it appeared to be so called ‘nugget’ beads which I had not anticipated. Their lovely glimmer is only imminent when you look at them sideways, so that is how I used them in this bracelet. In this way they look like bright stars in a moonless night.

Stargazer SeaBeads

Stargazer SeaBeads detail

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Wheels Of Fortune 3

This design is a few years old now but I still like to do it in a different color combination at times. I love it because it is one of the few designs in which seeing the thread adds to the design. The round shapes look like wheels because of it.

P1100829 PSP

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Red Radial Bracelet

Red Radial Combi 2

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This beaded bead I designed to put on a zip of a rather boring fleece jacket to pimp it up a little. But you could also use it as a pendant or make a pair and wear them as earrings.


P1140633 PSP SeaBeads wit

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Rozetta Bracelet

Simple design with crackle beads this week because I did not have a lot of time.

Rozetta Bracelet SeaBeads

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Love Stamps

Bracelet in R(ight) A(ngle) W(eave) with turquoise preciosa heartshaped glass beads sewed on. The hearts are actually darker in colour than they appear in the pictures. I tried everything on my camera to get the two blues right but I did not manage to capture them, alas.

Love Stamps SeaBeads kleinLove Stamps SeaBeads lierLove Stamps Glitter

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My Sharona

My friends know about my bead addiction (it is hard to hide it!) and they sometimes bring me beads as a present when they have been abroad. Those are often beads that I would not choose myself. But the funny thing is that they inspire me to bead different things than I would normally do, which is great!

I named this necklace after the friend who brought me these tiny dagger beads. Thanks very much Sharon. And my darling niece Julia was willing to pose for this necklace.

My Sharona SeaBeads

My Sharona detail


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